Social Media for Business – Why Fear It?

There seems to be some misconceptions about how Social Media can help promote brands and businesses in general. Having had some experience in the States where Social Media trends lead the rest of the world, I can see how in the future, Australian companies are really going to benefit from using theses free online tools to market their business. (I’d particularly like to see the Australian Wine Industry fully embrace Social Media, cause it really is here to stay and there’s no better way to tell the winemakers story with some regularity.)

There’s still a bit of a reluctance to push products through social media. To succeed at using social networks, you have to be the king of the “soft sell”. In a regular social situation, people network and talk about their business albeit in a casual way, sometimes people exchange cards and end up working together, but the contact started out in a casual situation. Yes the online world is different, but the principles remain the same. No one wants to confront the car salesman approach in a social realm, so you engage people in casual conversation, entertain, educate, be interested in the other person – and they’ll find your product or service on their own terms.


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