How to change your Facebook Vanity URL for a second time!

In 2009, when Facebook introduced custom URLs (also known as vanity URLs) for your profile and fan pages, Facebook claimed that the custom URL you choose can be only set once. Once the custom URL (example has been set, it cannot be changed to another URL. But it looks like Facebook is giving a second chance to people who didn’t wisely choose their custom URLs for their profile page.

To change the custom URL of your profile page, simply go to Account –> Account Settings –> Username and click the link change. You will be now able to change your username for your profile page.

If you want to change the custom URL for your fan page for a second time, then you may be out of luck. I haven’t figured out how to do it.

Transferring the Profile Page URL to Fan Page URL

When Facebook introduced custom URLs last year, I secured the custom URL (MadScientistSM) for my profile page as I couldn’t secure it for my fan page. In 2009, you should have at least 100 fans in order to get a custom URL for your fan page. Now this number has been reduced to 25.

Given that Facebook allows me to change the username for a second time, I was able to change my existing username (MadScientistSM). By changing my username, I was able to release the URL MadScientistSM.

Soon after I changed my username, I went to and set the URL techthinker as the URL for my Facebook fan page!

The ability to change username for a second time gives you a chance to trade usernames with others. It also gives you a chance to transfer your profile page URL to your Fan Page URL.

(Courtesy Of TechThinker)

  1. Jason said:

    I want to “release” one username and assign it to one of my fan pages. How long does it take once I “release” it to when I’ll actually be able to re-register it to my fan page? Thanks. Jason.

    • For me, it’s taken usually about 2 weeks. But in each case I’ve had to constantly check so I don’t miss out on transferring it before someone nabs it. If you have a ‘sort after’ name I would be very diligent in checking. Cheers, Ian Hopkinson

  2. Hannah said:

    Thank you so much. This is way more helpful than Facebook’s Help Center.

  3. Britta said:

    Hi, i have a similar issue as stated above… I some how applied my Fan page URL /’ to my personal Facebook URL when that should just be /’ is there a way i can remove it or change it back to how it was? Should i maybe ‘release it’ similar to what Jason did above? If so, how would i do that?


  4. Britta said:

    … sorry, when i mean ‘release it’ meaning releasing my / URL that’s on my personal page, so i can re-register it to my fan page. Is that possible?

    Many thanks, Britta

  5. Hi Britta,
    Changing your username on your personal profile ‘releases’ that name. Then, a few weeks after that you should be able to make that url for your Fan Page. Does that make sense?

    • Britta said:

      Yes that makes sense, thanks so much!

      Though i just went to change my username on my ‘personal page’ & it’s saying ‘Your username is already set’ to & i can’t seem to change it?

      Does that mean it won’t be able to apply it to my fan page as it won’t be able to be released?



  6. Britta said:

    Thanks heaps! you guys are really helpful, hopefully FB help centre will be the same! Cheers.

  7. Hi, I tried releasing the vanity url from my profile acct by replacing a new username, it says available, then when I enter password and click SAVE, i get a pink message saying I have “error since this already has an alias” – what does that mean in English?
    Anyway, it will not let me change my profile username, which I really want to use for my Fan page instead. Please advise.

  8. Chris said:

    Hi- so glad I found you. I was on my band page and thinking I was changing the name the username of that page to my band’s name, but I actually had changed my personal profile username! I’m kind of fb illiterate. In layman’s terms, how can I just go back or transfer this username to my band page and have either the old one or anything else for my personal profile? Thanks so much!

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