MadScientistSM is lead by Ian Hopkinson. With laboratories all over the world, we specialise in Social Media setup, strategy, & increasing online brand recognition. Our campaigns have in some cases achieved up to a million views on YouTube, 10’s of thousands of targeted fans/followers on Facebook and Twitter, massive increases in website traffic – in turn, drastically improving search engine rankings. The result is a coherent long term social media strategy, successful,  not just with an increase in reach, but a drastic improvement in customer engagement and brand awareness. Contact us to tailor make a strategy to fit your exact budget and promotional needs.


“Ian has assisted us in developing and implementing our social media strategy. He was great to work with as well as being an expert in his field. He was happy to do things beyond our agreement and took on the tasks with a personal approach as if they were for his own business. Following the success of his initial engagement we have further work for him. We now think of Ian as a friend and look forward to his visits particularly around 4pm on Friday when we are cracking the first bottle of wine.” February 8, 2011

Top qualities: Great Results, Personable, Expert

Richard Howden, Yarra Valley Wine Growers Association – hired Ian as a IT Consultant in 2011, and hired Ian more than once


CEO: Ian Hopkinson (email: Ian at

Director of Social Media Admin: Prue Baum (email: Prue at

Design Team: Paulina Friedel, Simon Godwin (email: Paulina at

Administration: Suzanne Evans (email: Suzanne at

Client Administration: Kaz Waters (email: Kaz at


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